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New York Comedy Club is a historical staple of the New York comedy scene. Struggling to grow its customer base and ticket sales, NYCC (New York Comedy Club) came to Ivytides in need of a new digital presence and foot traffic.


Given the scope of work and the clients goals, Ivytides restructured the NYCC website, focusing on the customer checkout process and improving its overall structure and UX. Those improvements allowed us to ramped up paid search campaigns achieving triple digit growth within the first 6 months.

With this success, it was clear NYCC was in need and ready for a fresh visual update to their website, plus improvements to their mobile presence. Ivytides stuck to NYCC roots of the old school comedy club vibe with a bit of an edge.

Due to thriving ticket sales, New York Comedy Club is now opening a new club in New York’s East Village June 2018.


New York Comedy Club


Web Design & Development, Branding, Digital Strategy, Paid Search & Marketing


Custom CMS

The new face of New York Comedy

Clean and easy navigation for event booking. More events and less clutter.


Discover all the shows in one place

Our customer-centered approach focused on prioritizing the information
that customers needed most when booking an event.

Mobile Booking Made Easy

Prioritizing information and content that customers want first

Mobile Booking Made Easy

Prioritizing information and content that customers want first

Fast and efficient checkout

Checkout designed for the mobile user in mind


From 2015 – 2018 NYCC has maintained a 2:1 ratio in revenue to ad spend throughout the life of all their paid search campaigns.

Since Ivytides has worked with NYCC, sales have increased 1,802% and they have opened three new comedy clubs. Business is booming.

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