User-focused. Design centered. Data driven.

We help new and established companies create and market their products and services online. We are marketers first, so we design and build your web presence to speak to your target audience with long term growth in mind. Our goal is to provide solid, simple to use, beautiful looking products that drive conversions and increase leads.

Our Thinking.

We believe designing a successful website, campaign or digital presence is centered around clear strategy, and focused collaboration. We explore all avenues and possibilities with a focus on driving users to take action.

How we do it.

We analyze your business model, target market, key performance indicators, and we help set a strategy and plan based on your needs. We partner with you to provide the best solutions no matter your scale or industry. We provide clear communication and transparency with our clients. Our success is driven by this and our clients are loyal because of our approach.

We work directly with small to large brands from around the globe.

Our Team

Justine AbuHaidar

Founder & Partner | Design & Digital Strategy

Justine AbuHaidar has built brands and business for a variety of categories including consumer goods, financial, retail and advertising technology. After spending nearly a decade working in advertising and marketing for multimillion dollar brands and startups, Justine knows what truly drives conversions — connecting directly with the people you are trying to help. In 2014, Justine founded Ivytides to help businesses reach their ROI goals and drive results through clear strategy, analytical decision making and great design.

Prior to starting Ivytides, Justine was the Senior Director of Digital Media & Strategy at Driver Digital where she led teams to create a successful kids content network and marketing platform that boasted an audience reach ranked just behind Disney and Nickelodeon on comScore.

Justine is a graduate at Parsons School of Design with a degree in Design Strategy & Management.

Why Us?



Our team has a wealth of experience in advertising, design, development and marketing. They have worked closely with brands like Disney, Armani, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Target, Samsung, and many more. We draw on this experience to grow the brands of our clients, along with their revenue.



As a full service digital shop, our flexibility enables us to execute and deliver excellence at every level of the client’s need. We are your outsourced CMO. Hiring an in-house team to tackle everything you need in the digital arena can be costly, so we price accordingly to help you grow.



We’re passionate about building unique, beautiful and functional websites and digital experiences that employ the latest technologies and standards. We employ the best practices, latest technologies and know-how to accomplish your goals.